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ÖWhere your ITCHY EYES are about to be A THING OF THE PAST!!!


       Do you dread allergy season every year?

       Do your eyes itch so badly, that you would do anything to get them to stop itching?

       Have you suffered with allergies for years and found no solution to your itching eyes?

       How would you like to stop your eyes from itching right now?  


Why do your eyes itch so badly?

Many people ask why their eyes itch so badly.  If your eyes are itching, there is a good chance it is allergy- related, especially if it is associated with one of the allergy seasons.  Pollen allergy, whether pollen from trees, grass, or weeds, can have devastating effects on the eyes.  Allergy seasons are most prevalent in the spring when trees are pollinating, in the early summer when grass and weeds are pollinating, and in autumn when weed allergens are potent.  You may have allergy symptoms at one are all of these times.  Also, you can develop allergies at any stage in life, even if you were never allergic to anything before.

My allergy story:

My name is Carter Craft.  Iím forty-seven years old, and hereís my allergy story.  Every year, right about September 15, my eyes start itching so unbelievably bad, that I feel like scratching them right out of their sockets.  The worst part is it actually feels good to scratch them.  And once you start scratching them, it is almost impossible to stop.  Then, the more you scratch them, the more they itch and burn and hurt as the skin around them becomes raw.   Well after almost 15 years of fighting ragweed and allergy season in Texas, itching eyes are no longer a problem.


"Once you start scratching your eyes, its almost impossible to stop..."


Well, I discovered a secret that until this time has never been used in the fight against allergy eyes.  You see, as a research analyst, I decided to use my research and analysis skills to find a solution to this horrible problem.  I mean, I actually dreaded September 15th every year.  But now, though I still feel allergies in my nose, my eyes donít suffer any longer; and they did for so many years.  I can handle the itchy nose, the sneezing, the congestion and even the runny nose ... they have medicines that help with all of that.  But, after many doctors and much money, there was never an adequate answer for my ever-persistent itching eyes.


"If you want to stop your eyes from itching right now, then this
secret will stop your itching in minutes..."


Can you imagine being able to control your itchy eyes and stop the itching right when you want to?  Can you imagine a solution so simple and so safe that you have to ask why hasnít anyone discovered this before?  Well, I have asked myself the same question.  But in truth, I didnít care since I was able to eliminate my eye problem.  I sit and watch TV and see allergy commercial after allergy commercial.  They sell eye drops, pills, sprays Ö you name it.  And then I realized why the things that really work arenít being told to the people who really need them.


I mean, what would the allergy doctors do if all the allergies went away?  And, oh my gosh, the pharmaceutical companies?  They are making billions off of you and me and the allergy season.  Well, with the power of the Internet, I decided to pass the word around, and help other people find relief.  And not just relief, but FREE relief!  Yes, with what I discovered, once you know this secret, you will immediately have your itchy eyes healed Ö no kidding.


Growing up in East Texas, "home of allergies", believe it or not I was never allergic to anything.  I watched my family, my sisters, my wife, my kids and most of my friends suffering from allergies, and I just didnít understand.  It actually got on my nerves, all the sniffling and sneezing, the rubbing their eyes and not being able to stop.  My wife could sit there and sneeze 8 or 10 times in a row, like nothing I had ever experienced.  I would just say, use some nose spray and LEAVE YOUR EYES ALONE; youíre going to hurt yourself.  And they would look up at me with those red and bloodshot eyes, and a few minutes later they would be back at it again.  Sound familiar?


Well, about 15 years ago, I was building my new store and suddenly I sneezed more than two times in a row, probably for the first time in my life.  Then, the next day my eyes started itching so badly, that I just couldnít stop scratching them.  I couldnít sleep, I couldnít focus at work, and I was irritable and frustrated every day and night because of it. 


Finally my wife made me a doctor appointment Ö and I am not one to go to the doctor, but this was out of hand.  After I couldnít stand it any longer, I went to the appointment.  After a $125 doctor office charge (which didnít last 10 minutes, though I had waited in his office for two hours), and $75 in pills and nose sprays, certainly my problems were all behind me.  Right?  Wrong!!  They didnít help my itchy eyes one bit.  So after another week of fighting the allergy fight and scratching my eyes every day and night, I called the doctor back, complaining that my symptoms hadnít gone away.  He changed the medicines, so after $80 more in medicines my nose was getting better, but my eyes hadnít improved one bit.  After another week I couldnít stand it, and called the doctor back again.  This time he prescribed what he called some expensive eye drops Ö and if a doctor says they are expensive, then you better look out.  I spent over $90 on the smallest bottle of eye drops I had ever seen in my life.  This bottle was no bigger than a thimble, seriously.  I remember telling my wife, that I was finally getting something for my eyes, and as expensive as they were, I just knew they were going to work.  Well, you guessed it, and have probably experienced it Ö they didnít work at all.  By this time my eyes were like raw hamburger meat, and I was so mad I stopped using the drops.  Then a weird thing happened, about a week later the itching stopped.  Little did I know, having never had allergies before, that allergy season had just ended. 


The next year on September 15th, I went through the same trauma again.  If someone could have just fixed my itchy eyes, I would have paid $500 without thinking about it.  Come to think about it, I did, and it didnít fix it!!  But, you know what?  Again, I was in such misery that I went back to the doctor, paid more money, and to no avail.  My eyes felt like Rocky Balboa after he won the fight in Rocky One, or was that Rocky 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6?  No, seriously, my eyes were ridiculous.  I remember asking all the people I knew with allergies about their eyes, and they all went through the same thing as me; but most of them had suffered with it their whole life.  Unbelievable!!


So, year in and year out, I went through this same ritual.  I was now, like you, an allergy sufferer Ö and boy was I suffering.  Then, after about ten years of it, I decided I was going to stop this; I was going to fix my eyes one way or another.  So, I started researching everything I could.  I had already been to all the doctors, health food stores, and pharmacies ... all to no avail.  I read everything I could on allergies, in particularly about allergy eyes.  I looked at every website I could find, and they all wanted huge amounts of money for their pills, sprays and drops.  But, I had already tried all of these and they didnít work for my eyes.  And, I knew I wasnít alone, because I watched other people doing the same thing I did, fingers in both eyes at the same time and just going after it.


Well I finally stumbled across an idea!  And, I decided to try it.  For the first time in years, I slept like a baby during the middle of allergy season, with no itchy eyes.  Unbelievable!!  Relief at last!  Then, the next year, I used the same remedy, and was ready for it.  I didnít use it as consistently as I should have, but when my eyes started getting rubbed raw, I would remember.  Then, the itching would go away.


Finally, this year, I havenít gone one day without my amazing solution.  And this has been the best allergy season in 15 years!!  If you canít say that, then friend, I have the solution for your itching eyes. 


So, I have decided to make this amazing secret available to everyone who wants it. 


Ok...so you're probably wondering how much you'll have to invest in order to receive reliefÖ

Please read on for just a moment...because you're also going to have access to an incredible report that gives you common allergy antidotes that get overlooked Ö ways to control your itchy nose, your runny nose and your sneezing Ö FOR FREE!! 

I could go on forever because this is just too great to pass up.  People all over the world are getting relief from their itchy eyes and allergy symptoms Ö and you can too!

You'll get exclusive and immediate access to this unknown secret and The Allergy Antidote Report immediately.  Ending itching eyes is a snap!

You can literally order now, and be itch free within minutes.  No kidding and no catches.  I am so confident that this solution will work for anyone who tries it, that I am willing to back it with a 100% money-back guarantee.

As I promised, you'll receive...

YES, Carter! I Absolutely Cannot Wait To Get Instant Relief from My Allergy Eyes, Once and For All.

I am ready to access the Secret to No More Itchy Eyes, plus the FREE bonus "The Allergy Antidote Report" and feel better than ever!

I understand that I must act immediately because this fantastic offer wonít last forever.


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I will have the opportunity to order this never before known secret to preventing and stopping Itchy Allergy Eyes once and for all, for a one-time investment of just $9.99.  Unbelievable as it is, its almost free.

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"If you do good unto others, then others will do good unto youÖ "


After showing several friends how to do this successfully for themselves, I recognized something very important:  there were many people out there...perhaps some just like you, that were either specifically interested in finding a cure for itching eyes once and for all, or who were looking to create a better life for themselves.

It didn't take me long to decide that I would help anyone that wanted it. You see, I believe in helping others who would benefit by knowing THE SAME SIMPLE SOLUTION THAT I FOUND.

When asked why I charge such a small amount for this amazing solution, my answer is that I wish I could just give it away, but it takes money to advertise, so that you could find this site and the solution to your itchy eyes.  So, I am only charging enough to cover the expenses.

With that thought in mind...


"NoMoreItchyEyes.com was born..."  


Written Guarantee
I am so confident in what my solution has done for me and for so many others, that I am giving you my personal guarantee!  If you do not receive at least an 80% to 90% reduction in the itching of your eyes, I will refund 100% of your money.  This is a risk free offer that you can't refuse.  I only ask that once your eyes stop itching, that you will email me a testimonial that I can use (with your first name and last initial only) to let others know how great this solution is.


"I have always dreamed of going through an allergy season without all the misery.  I have spent thousand on Doctors and medications.  I never knew about it, but after some Google searching I came across NoMoreItchyEyes.com, and it just made sense, so I gave it a shot. I was stoked with how fast my eyes stopped itching.  Thanks Carter to you and your team for the answer!"

CJ, Australia


I built this website as a solution for folks like you that are looking to make a better life for themselves.  I built it for people that want to easily find the simple answer to one of their peskiest problems in life Ö unbearably itchy allergy eyes.

I built it so that you don't have to experience the same things I went through any longer and that you have immediate success at stopping your itchy eyes once and for all.

Imagine what you might do if you no longer had itchy eyes during allergy season.  Imagine never having to deal with it ever again!

Well, the opportunity to experience immediate relief is knocking on your door right this very instant.

Will you grab it while you can?

Here's A Hint Of What You're Going To Get immediately after ordering NoMoreItchyEyes.com -

1      Real and Immediate Relief - There are no catches and no hidden agendas here.  You get your answers as soon as you place your order.  It is so simple and so successful, our customers are helping us to help spread the word.


2      Lifetime Access To The Allergy Antidote Report and solutions - Once you order, youíll have a battery of weapons to fight all of your allergy symptoms.  Not only do you get the secret solution to itchy eyes, you get solutions to help in all typical allergy reactions.


3      A Daily Step-By-Step Proven Method -  I've developed a daily method to insure that you have no more problems with itchy eyes.  This insures a 90% to 95% improvement immediately.  From the moment you order, you'll start getting relief.


4      And, of coarse, Instant Access to The Secret - In this exclusive offer, you will get the solution to your itchy eyes once and for all.  It is almost like a miracle, only it's not.  It is a real method and the relief is real. The freedom you get is priceless!


5      Real Support - Yes you get true support.  Once you place your order, youíll not only have access to the reports and solutions, you will get email support 24/7.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



It is our mission to make sure that you find immediate relief for the rest of your life.  You will get the answer for which you have been wishing for years.

The very second you join this exclusive site you will be privy to some of the most exciting details you could possibly imagine.

The simplicity and safety of this highly sought after secret will knock your socks off.  Our new members are always astounded by how incredibly easy it is, and you will be too.


I could go on forever because relief is just minutes away Ö and You'll have exclusive and immediate access the second you order. And getting started is a snap!


"Hi, I just have to say how pleased I was when I discovered NoMoreItchyEyes.com and the secret solution that has revolutionized my life.  I have suffered with allergies and itchy eyes my whole life.  And within minutes after ordering NoMoreItchyEyes.com, I found relief that I had determined didnít exist.  Now, I am living virtually itch-free and am loving every minute of it.  I would definitely say a great big thanks to NoMoreItchyEyes.com and to Carter Craft for making such an awesome solution known!Ē

Armando A.
New Mexico


"Carter, A standing ovation is in order for the folks at NoMoreItchyEyes.com.  Ordering was simple and I really never thought it would be so easy to get rid of my itching eyes once and for all.Ē

Heather P.
United Kingdom


"I just have to write to you to express my extreme satisfaction with the fantastic service you have provided to me through NoMoreItchyEyes.com. I don't know how you can give such great value for the small one-time fee you charge, and I say that as a 49 year old guy who has grown companies all his working life. You managed to get me up and running with no more itching eyes immediately, just like you had promised.  If you want to use this letter of thanks and appreciation for testimonial purposes, feel free. I would be happy to talk with any future customers to provide reassurance that they will benefit greatly from the information you provide. Keep up the good work."  

Best regards,
Patrick B.
Seattle, Washington


"This is a great relief for anyone that has allergies.  I have lived with them all my life and the worst part of it was my itching eyes.  I would rub them and itch them till they would almost bleed.  Then, ten minutes after I ordered your information, I have hardly itched since then.  I am totally amazed at what you did for me and I would recommend it to anyone."

Thank You,
Keaton R.



Consider This...

1      Other sites are asking far more and you get far less - Other sites charge hundreds and they donít really solve your problem.  I charge pennies in comparison, but you will get a sure cure for your itchy eyes Ö Immediately.


2      If you don't do anything nothing will change - Have you been wishing that something like this exists? Then surely you will recognize the significant value of this offer and jump all over it, and if that's you then congratulations. If you decide to pass then you're not going to be any better off tomorrow than you are today. You'll be stuck wondering what could have been.


3      You don't have a whole lot of time to think about this.  If you decide to come back again later, this offer could be gone. This is a limited time offer, so act now!  

"Youíre about to find out what so many others are raving about!"


Once you order, you get relief as soon as you put to use my Secret Solution... And there are NO "fine print" fees.

Once you see how easy, you'll be eternally grateful that someone discovered it and then told you about it.

With everything that you get and the relief youíre going to receive, I'm practically giving this away.  Iím just trying to cover my time for doing this and without the marketing, no one would find it.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

*I'm so sure you will be happy with my offer and all the FREE bonuses that I will refund your money if you're not satisfied. You have nothing to lose, so try it out....

"Once you see how easy this is, you'll never be one of those
people scratching their eyes out again."


Wondering what will happen if you don't do anything? Simple. Nothing will change. Don't let that happen! Act now and get relief today!

To Your Massive Success,

Carter Craft


P.S. - Most sites will charge more and give you less ... but not this one.  Everything you need to know is laid out for you step by step and you will literally find relief in minutes.

P.P.S. - This opportunity is not open indefinitely. Since I am almost giving this away, I do have to cover my costs, but I will not be able to do this forever.  If you decide to think about it and come back later, you might miss this opportunity. Act now while you still have the chance!


YES, Carter! I Absolutely Cannot Wait To Get Instant Relief from My Allergy Eyes, Once and For All.

I am ready to access the Secret to No More Itchy Eyes, plus  the FREE bonus "The Allergy Antidote Report" and feel better than ever!

I understand that I must act immediately because this fantastic offer wonít last forever.

It is with that understanding that I am clicking the secure order button below and entering my credit card, PayPal or checking information to order today on the secure order form backed by PayPal!

I will have the opportunity to order this never-before-known secret to preventing and stopping Itchy Allergy Eyes once and for all, for a one-time investment of just $9.99.  Unbelievable as it is, its almost free.

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"The customer support provided by NoMoreItchyEyes.com is of the highest quality. Once I had placed my order, I received the customer service email address.  I did have one question, and it was answered very promptly and accurately.  This was extremely important to me as it showed me how diligent the company was.  They also provide an extensive step-by-step guide to definitely get the relief they promised. "

James L.


"First and foremost I would like to thank you for offering such a fantastic service!! I have paid for medicines and doctors my whole life, and would hate to even know how much I have spent fighting allergies.  We have 5 children, and medical problems have made working a regular job difficult.  So, allergy medicines and doctors were just not in the budget.

Your site has given me the chance to feel somewhat whole again, just because of the fact that my eyes are not making me miserable.  So, from my whole family we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this information available to people like us!! We are eternally grateful!! Once I found your site and paid for it I honestly felt foolish for spending all that hard-earned money on so many other failed attempts.  Now, I have been able to focus back on starting my home-based business.  I owe it all to your site. 

People, you CAN NOT let this site pass you by you will regret it, there is no other offer you will ever need!! I know you have seen this said before, but if I could help me, it can help anyone!!!! What are you waiting for?

Thank you so much again guys,"  

Russell C. and the family !!!






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